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Status August/September 2020

Are you interested in participating?

Through research and the generation but also the implementation of innovative ideas, new possibilities and offers for people arise, which should bring a bit more joy and quality of life into the everyday life of individuals. We would be very delighted if you, as a nursing home or as a volunteer, are interested in actively participating in this next year, starting in January 2021. On this page, you will find information about participation options. Since the project is implemented as a collaborative project, a distinction must be made between the two locations Regensburg and Mainz.

We would be delighted to coordinate by e-mail or arrange a phone call to discuss how you can participate. Please contact us by e-mail at

What does participation look like?

Participation as a nursing home or volunteer in the BaSeTaLK project involves two main areas:

(a) Additional offer in the nursing home, accompanied by us, 1 time per week (à 60 min.) over 3 months

(b) Tests with the participants, before and after the total of 12 meetings on the supplementary offer, which allow the recording of changes in communication and quality of life and thus the effectiveness of the study.

Supplementary offer │ The supplementary offer extends over a period of three months. It is divided into two different offers: Offer 1 game round and offer 2 biography meetings. The allocation to the offer is random. In addition to the weekly one-hour meetings, a trained volunteer comes to the nursing home and leads the offer. The offer will take place in the first period, from February to April 2021, in a group of four to five people. In a later period, from August to October 2021, it will be aimed at individuals with reduced mobility. In offer 1, the games round, selected games apps will be used. In the course of digitalization, we now have numerous apps available, some of which are also ideal for older people to have a fun and enjoyable time together. In offer 2, the biography meetings, the focus is on remembering, telling stories and a communicative exchange with one another. With the help of a tablet and the BaSeTaLK app, virtual trips are made to various places, such as the forest, theatre, stadium, museum or the mountains. At these places there are themes that revolve around life, so that memories are triggered, those involved can talk about them and get into conversation with each other. The tablet, that is used for both offers, is provided by BaSeTaLK and is brought by the volunteers.

Testing │ Questionnaires and standardised tests are carried out both before and after the offer to record possible changes in quality of life and communication. The aim is to find out to what extent the respective offer has an effect on the areas mentioned. For these tests, employees of the project come to the nursing home to meet the participants. In addition, a short interview is conducted with one of the participating persons to learn about the perspective on the measure and life situation.

Participation - nursing homes

We are looking for at least four nursing homes per location

  • who are curious and open for innovative ideas from research
  • who are interested in close cooperation with an agile project team
  • and appreciate a fresh breeze from research

The offer is aimed at 8 - 10 persons living in the home per institution,

  • who have maximal mild cognitive impairment and no or only first signs of depression
  • who are interested in community and conversations on various topics
  • and are interested in taking part in a weekly additional offer and agree to tests before and after

We offer you

  • Insights and experiences in the implementation of digitally supported services
  • On request, training of your own staff to continue the additional services after the study is completed
  • Provision of the technology

For what period are interested nursing homes searched?

Active participation of nursing homes and volunteers will start in January 2021. A training course for volunteers is planned for the beginning of the year. The first tests will also take place in January. From February to April the implementation of the additional offers (games round and biography meeting) is planned. The implementation of the offers in the individual setting is scheduled for the period from August to October 2021.

Participation - volunteers

Per location we are looking for 8 volunteers who

  • are open and curious about the new methods being developed in health research
  • would like to contribute to the fact that digitization resources can also be used in nursing homes and that innovative services are established for people in nursing homes
  • are interested in supporting us in the development process of our intervention and app
  • and simply enjoy trying out new things

Note: Previous technical knowledge is not required!

We offer you

  • training in the handling of the apps
  • training of group leadership
  • regular exchange with the project team

What can you expect as a volunteer?

A workshop awaits you in January in which you will be trained to carry out the respective additional offer. This workshop will focus on the use of the tablet and the apps used. You will acquire all the necessary skills to operate the system, as you do not need any previous experience or technical knowledge. Whether you will be leading a game round or a biography meeting will be assigned randomly. During the implementation of the additional offer you will be accompanied at all times in such a way that we are always available for questions and concerns.