“The idea for BaSeTaLK arose from our preliminary project. We used biography work in aphasia self-help groups. Here we instructed people with language disorders to take over the group leadership and to moderate discussions on biographical topics. The quality of life of all those involved significantly improved. We therefore considered offering the method to people in senior citizens’ facilities as well, as they too have to cope with a major change in their lives”.

– Prof. Dr. Sabine Corsten, Project Management and Coordination BaSeTaLK –

“We also wanted to transfer our material, which was previously available in paper form, to a new medium in order to make the topics multimodal and thus more appealing. In this way, biographical work should become a journey to places where one can find biographical topics together with other people in a small group or in pairs and deepen them as needed”.

– Prof. Dr. Norina Lauer, Project Management BaSeTaLK –